On Your Feet is a Santa Fe institution. The largest shoe store in the city, it attracts customers from all over the state and many who visit the City Different. It's sister store, Get It Together, offers modern comfortable women's clothing and it, too, has a loyal following. The challenge was that both stores needed to be presented at one web site, without creating confusion for new customers coming to the site. The solution was to create a landing portal where the customer could enter either store with one click. The portal also offered an opportunity for each store to cross-market one another.


“Having just relocated our two stores we were in search of a professional reliable team that could update and modernize our website and lay the foundation for future growth. Cisneros Design provided that service along with excellent ideas and humor. The new and improved On Your Feet and Get It Together site went up quickly and efficiently. Thanks for all of your help.”

Lance Blankenship

On Your Feet & Get It Together